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i9 Sports Office - Houston, Katy, North Fort Bend, Lamar

Flag Football, Soccer, Basketball and Baseball

Scott Read - Program Director

3091 College Park Drive, 240-23

The Woodlands, TX   77384

Office: 281-398-7529

Weather Hotline: 281-715-5001

Email: scott.read@i9sports.com

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MVP Club
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A message from i9 Sports
i9 Sports loves the hustle and bustle of game day – the kids laughing, the coaches instructing and the parents positive words of encouragement! To keep the atmosphere a positive place, we have every parent sign the parental pledge!   Why? 31% of kids wished adults weren’t watching ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
We are always excited to share your child’s picture from i9 Sports on our social media channels.  Please send us your pictures from #gameday to photos@i9sports.com for a chance to be featured on the i9 Sports Official social media channels and marketing materials.  We look forward to ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
How many times have you tried to capture that first goal, first catch, or first swing only to get unrecognizable blurry blobs instead? Adorable blobs, but nonetheless not what you wanted! Sports and action shots are some of the most difficult shots to get. Make it easier on yourself by following some ... Read More
Houston, Katy, North Fort Bend, Lamar
Why Do Parents Love i9 Sports?

"Everyone is so supportive. The coaches are great and positive. All of the kids get to play and feel accepted. The facilities are great!"

Chatrinia J.  (July 2016)

"The directors of the Rockland County Region are so welcoming! I highly recommend to anyone looking for the one on one attention,smaller teams & children enjoying with feeling the competivness. This is our 4th year. I look forward to enrolling my younger daughter in the future also."

Jennifer P.  (June 2016)

"Very well organized! Great programs for the kids, to keep them active and learn about team work, try your best and have a great time. I can see my son improving on soccer!"

Marilyn K.  (July 2016)

"I love the convenience of it. Saturday sports is very convenient for working parents. Plus my kids love it!"

Cindy H.  (July 2016)

"The coaches are fantastic and the entire program is built around teamwork and cooperation amongst the kids. The coaches and staff are extremely encouraging even towards the newest players. My 6 year old has loved his session thus far with Coach Hess and we plan on continuing for sure."

Amanda C.  (July 2016)