i9 Sports

Central Macomb County, MI

Offering youth sports programs in Macomb Township, Chesterfield, Utica, Shelby Township

Chris Novak - Program Director

i9 Sports is a year-round, youth sports program with multiple leagues across Oakland and Macomb County. We pride ourselves on promoting a FUN, structured, and encouraging environment for kids ages 3-14. Our coaches are background checked and trained to provide progressive instruction plans designed by the pros. We currently offer soccer, t-ball, coach pitch, flag football, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, and cheer!

Years ago current owner, Chris Novak, took a leap of faith when he quit his job as a CPA and opened his first i9 Sports program in Rochester, MI. With the help and support of his wife, Jackie, and three children, he has successfully expanded to Royal Oak, West Bloomfield, Lake Orion, Clarkston, Shelby Twp., Utica, and Chesterfield. Chris's right-hand man and brother, John Novak, his father, Mike Novak, brother, Tom Novak, and sister-in-law, Stacie Novak, have been instrumental in growing the franchise and creating a positive experience for all involved.
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A message from Program Director Chris Novak (Macomb Township, Chesterfield, Utica, Shelby Township)
i9 Sports loves the hustle and bustle of game day – the kids laughing, the coaches instructing and the parents positive words of encouragement! To keep the atmosphere a positive place, we have every parent sign the parental pledge! Why? 31% of kids wished adults weren’t watching their games ... Read More
A message from Program Director Chris Novak (Macomb Township, Chesterfield, Utica, Shelby Township)
Are you looking for things to do at home with your little athlete, but not sure exactly what to do. Check out our At-Home Drill Cards for inspiration. These cards give instruction, age range, how many people and equipment needed. They are just a starting point so feel free to make modifications as you ... Read More
A message from Program Director Chris Novak (Macomb Township, Chesterfield, Utica, Shelby Township)
Do you love being around children and teaching core values such as FUN, respect, and  being a team player? Are you skilled at the art of giving a “high-five?” If you answered yes to these questions, you fit the criteria we look for in our best volunteer coaches and will love coaching ... Read More
A message from Program Director Chris Novak (Macomb Township, Chesterfield, Utica, Shelby Township)
We're excited to offer our i9 Sports families sporting options all year round! Please see below for a list of most of the programs we offer throughout the year!  Locations include Royal Oak, Rochester, West Bloomfield, Lake Orion, Clarkston, Shelby Township, Utica, and Chesterfield ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
We want to help kids find a sport or multiple sports they love, but we also want it to remain a fun game with friends! Find out more about why trying and playing multiple sports is an integral part of our programming on our newest blog post! ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
We are giving away a free registration for your child to play with i9 Sports in your area. Three lucky winners will be chosen and announced on July 31st. There are plenty of ways to earn extra entries, so don't miss out on this awesome prize! ENTER TO WIN HERE!   ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
We understand that kids learn differently at every age. Through our age-appropriate programming, we’ve designed a curriculum for kids to master sports skills, build confidence, develop a love of sports and have fun! Learn more about how we design our sports programming to fit your child’s ... Read More
Why Do Parents Love i9 Sports?

"I like that it is not so high-level competitive for the little children. The coach seems very friendly. The main issues are the fact that it is a bit of a distance from my home and also the registration cost for only seven games."

"Great coaches, great volunteers and it's an awesome set up. My son is 4 and this is an amazing program to get him into sports!"

"They are great! Unfortunately we had to pull our daughter this season as we have a lot going on at home with my husbands brother having a stroke and moving in. She just didn’t seem interested in playing at all this season. She’s only three. Better luck next time!"

"Organized! Fun! My kid loves it. "

"Kids really enjoy themselves playing sports. Instructors are great and willing to go extra mile for each kid. Glad to see smiles when they walk off of the field and can’t wait to come back next week."