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Hernando/Citrus/Sumter, FL

Offering youth sports programs in Tampa, Brooksville, Spring Hill, Hernando County

Keith Jackson - Program Director

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A message from i9 Sports
Has the excitement of the World Cup piqued your child's interest in soccer? Soccer can help develop mental and physical fitness in your child. Find out more about all of the benefits of playing soccer on our latest blog post! ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
Take a peek into what game day looks like for this i9 Sports soccer coaching duo and their two sons on our latest blog post! ... Read More
Why Do Parents Love i9 Sports?

"They are organized. And all about the kids having fun."

Nikki K.  (February 2016)

"Good coaches, positive feedback to the kids, no real pressure to perform. Kids just having good exercise and fun while learning the game. Also, once a week is nice."

David B.  (February 2016)

"The sports are very instructional and hands on. The coaches have a great attitude and good teaching abilites. Also, it was very organized."

Jennifer D.  (February 2016)

"Schedule, communication, organization"

Sarah C.  (February 2016)

"The I9 program is awesome! My kids have participated in and I've been coaching in this program for over two years. The I9 curriculum teaches and instills morals and ethics that will stay with these kids for life.I highly recommend getting your kids involved in this program, they'll love it!!!!"

William D.  (February 2016)