Woodland Hills - Basketball - Clinic

Taft High School

2019 Summer

Program Director: Frank Rittersdorf
Start Date: 6/16/2019
End Date:
Days: Sun
Ages 6 - 11
Will start at a time between 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM
Who Plays: Boys & Girls (Ages 6 - 11)
Age As Of 6/15/2019
5461 Winnetka Ave
Woodland Hills CA  91367
The philosophy of the i9 Sports Clinics is to provide the most well-organized, entertaining and educational sports programs for amateur youth athletes. Our clinics are built upon the concept of learning through game play. While technical acquisition is an important phase of athletics, our camps spend more time “playing” games that are designed to bring out that technique. In essence, we trick the kids into developing their techniques while they have fun! 
The format of our clinics are:
1.  Teach the skills
2.  Work on Drills to develop the skill 
3.  Play different fun games to further develop the skills
4.  We will end with playing a scrimmage in the actual sport.
Our age range is 6-11 and at the time of the clinic  the participants will be evaluated and grouped based on age and skill level.  The higher skill level will be working on higher level skills and the lower will start with the basics.
Program Fee:
If you pay after 5/17/2019: $60.00

Final Registration Deadline: 5/17/2019
After this date, any remaining spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Important Program Details