Windward/Honolulu Flag Football

Kailua District Park

Program Director:  Rene Sanjines
Office:  808-394-1100
Weather Hotline:  808-791-2550
i9 Sports
21S Kainalu Dr
Kailua, HI   96734
Spring 2020 Programs
Flag Football
Flag Football League
4/19/20 6/14/20
Boys & Girls
Ages 3 - 14

Why Do Parents Love i9 Sports?

"Easy to find a sport and sign up"

"The kids seem to have lots of fun and the games are not that highly competitive."

"Positive attitude, inclusive play. We have a great coach who is positive and allows our (low skilled) child to play in each game, despite the fact that he hasn't shown much promise. We are working with him to improve, but this just may not be his sport. The overall experience has been a positiv
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"Plenty of sports to choose from all year round"

"My son enjoys himself and the coach is supportive and encouraging"