Westlake ZIP Lacrosse

Westlake/Lake Travis at West Ridge MS

Program Director:  Tayler Saunders
Office:  512-687-4263
Weather Hotline:  512-647-7246
i9 Sports
9201 Scenic Bluff Drive
Austin, TX   78733
Spring 2019 Programs
ZIP Lacrosse
ZIP Lacrosse League
4/6/19 5/18/19
Boys & Girls
Grades Kindergarten - 3rd
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Why Do Parents Love i9 Sports?

"I like that practice and games are on a single day. (At least for my little kids) weekday events can be difficult for some parents to attend."

"convenient and well run"

"One day a week on weekends; focus on teamwork and sportsmanship; kids having fun"

"Flexible and many choices for all ages"

"We really enjoy the focus on having fun and positive atmosphere. It is a great foundation to have a love for sports and being part of a team."