Westlake Basketball

Hill Country Middle School

Program Director:  Tayler Saunders
Office:  512-687-4263
Weather Hotline:  512-647-7246
i9 Sports
1300 Walsh Tarlton
Austin, TX   78746
Spring 2019 Programs
Basketball League
3/31/19 5/19/19
Boys & Girls
Grades Kindergarten - 6th
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Why Do Parents Love i9 Sports?

"Short seasons, combined practices and games, and consistent times and locations-makes it easy for busy families to participate and a great way for kids to get a feel for sports without a major commitment."


"I like the variety. Lots of schedules, locations, sports. I also how short some of the seasons are. It is the right amount for tryingout a new sport. "

"I like during the game the coach are giving instruction. If the kids are doing something like traveling, double dribbling, or going over and back, the game is stop and it is explained to them what they did wrong."

"Practice and game in one day. That there is a weekend option near home for me. "