Westerville, Galena Soccer

Fouse Elementary School - Summer

Program Director:  Steve Cox
Office:  614-441-8845
Weather Hotline:  614-341-7025
i9 Sports
5800 Old 3C Highway
Westerville, OH   43082
Summer 2019 Programs
Soccer League
6/23/19 8/11/19
Boys & Girls
Ages 3 - 10

Why Do Parents Love i9 Sports?

"Having practice followed by a game on the same day is very convenient for younger children and for being a volunteer coach. It definitely was a major factor in choosing i9 over other local programs. Multiple practices per week plus a game, I feel, can get to be a little too much for young kids. Es
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"It's all in one day and has been a lot of fun for my 7 year old. Not too much pressure or too restrictive during the game either. She is just having fun learning while playing. "

"We had a great experience for our three year old daughter’s first exposure to playing soccer. She loved it and can’t wait to play again. "

"The coaches were great about emphasizing fun and positivity, while also providing instruction on basic soccer fundamentals. My son began the season very tentative about playing soccer, but by week 2 he was having a really fun time and making friends with his teammates. His enjoyment and confidence
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"It gives children the opportunity to advance their sports skills. I think the prices are a little jacked sometimes but it’s a great program. "