Northwest San Antonio Soccer

Lutheran High School

Program Director:  Scott Read
Office:  210-395-4484
Weather Hotline:  210-395-4489
i9 Sports
18104 Babcock Road
San Antonio, TX   78255

Why Do Parents Love i9 Sports?

"They are kid friendly, competitive but makes sure the kids are having fun!"

"Coaches are friendly to the kids and they are never rough to them. Children learn discipline and control. Good coaching staff."

"Probably drop the cost slightly. Go full traditional court for the Senior division. Try to market the basketball program to more age groups from 15 to 17. Would try to use two venues, so the games weren't so early in morning, and not too late in the afternoon. Go to all the middle schools and
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"Convenient schedule and location. Well organized. "

"Friendly staff, convenient times, it's all about the kids"