Hawaii Kai/Honolulu Youth Sports Programs

Kamiloiki Community Park

Youth Flag Football, Soccer, Baseball

Program Director:  Rene Sanjines
Office:  808-394-1100
Weather Hotline:  808-791-2550
i9 Sports
7750 Hawaii Kai Drive
Honolulu, HI   96825
Spring 2020 Programs
Baseball Instructional Program
5/16/20 6/27/20
Boys & Girls
Ages 3 - 7
Flag Football
Flag Football League
5/17/20 6/28/20
Boys & Girls
Ages 3 - 14
Soccer League
5/16/20 6/27/20
Boys & Girls
Ages 3 - 6

Why Do Parents Love i9 Sports?

"Very engaging coaches, take the time out to do individual one on one when necessary and teach teamwork at the same time"

"Brandon follows through. The switch to the fields at Le Jardine was a good one. "

"I like the fact that you have programs for year olds to participate in. It is in an environment where it is safe, fun, and outside! For at least one hour on that Saturday... my kid is NOT playing on the phone or iPad!!! He's outside, playing a sport, and building confidence and making friends!"

"Kids at young ages can participate"

"My son Kai has been learning about being a team player, sportsmanship, & he’s had 3 very good coaches. "