Flowery Branch/Oakwood Youth Sports Programs

Maranatha Christian Academy - Saturdays

Youth Flag Football, Soccer, Baseball

Program Director:  David Wagner
Office:  678-792-5542
Weather Hotline:  678-935-1035
i9 Sports
5135 McEver Road
Oakwood, GA   30566
Spring 2019 Programs
Baseball League
3/2/19 5/11/19
Boys & Girls
Ages 3 - 6
Flag Football
Flag Football League
3/2/19 5/11/19
Boys & Girls
Ages 5 - 14
Soccer League
3/2/19 5/11/19
Boys & Girls
Ages 3 - 14

Why Do Parents Love i9 Sports?

"I like that it doesn't feel competitive... right now my son is young so he is just trying to learn what the game of whatever sport is about... I appreciate the emphasis on the game and learning about it."

"I-9 is a great way to start kids off at a young age in sports. It also allows parents that are busy with work during the week to be able to sign their kids up for weekend sports activities. "

"Simplicity of practice and game one day a week"

"its a great opportunity for young kids to interact with each other and to learn the valuable lessons that sports can teach them"

"Teaching the basics, good sportsmanship, everyone plays, variety days and times."