Denton/Lake Cities/H Village Soccer

Game on Athletics

Program Director:  Jim Avers
Office:  817-400-4525
Weather Hotline:  817-440-7797
i9 Sports
2686 Old Alton Rd
Denton, TX   76210
Winter 2019 Programs
Soccer Instructional Program
1/19/19 2/23/19
Boys & Girls
Ages 5 - 10
Spring 2019 Programs
Soccer League
3/30/19 5/11/19
Boys & Girls
Ages 9 - 12
Soccer League
3/31/19 5/19/19
Boys & Girls
Ages 3 - 8
About i9 Sports Programs at Game on Athletics:
i9 Sports Game on Athletics
Game on Athletics, located just off Teasley across from Guyer HS, is our newest location for our programs with action held on Saturdays & Sundays! All soccer & football takes place on their synthetic sports turf, a fun setting for the kids. Our baseball takes place on the adjacent grass fields there so it's perfect for families with multiple kids playing different sports. Inside the building, we have access to restrooms. Light concessions sold at our i9 tent. No bleachers, fans are encouraged to bring their favorite lawn chair. Nearby parking can get cozy but we utilize creative scheduling of games to insure teams exit prior to others arriving

Why Do Parents Love i9 Sports?

"It is great for beginners. The schedule is nice for busy, working parents or parents of multiple children."

"We are lucky with our coach. It was great seeing other parents sitting outside, some were involved in their children's sport. I love the sportsmanship metal. It is so encouraging."

"the simplicity is appealing. my 3 year old gets a feel for the game without having to stand through loooong practices, etc."

"I like the focus on sportsmanship qualities, encouragement, and that practice and games are on the same day so we still have plenty of family time."

"My son looks forward to Saturday morning baseball, not only for the game but because we get to sing the national anthem. It’s a fantastic idea to have the practice for the 4-6 league to come before the game, or it helps my son put into action the skills he’s just learned. "