Chesterfield County - Western Multi Sport

Tomahawk Creek Middle School

Program Director:  Jeff Kraft
Office:  804-214-7529
Weather Hotline:  877-493-5505
i9 Sports
1600 Learning Loop Circle
Midlothian, VA   23114

Why Do Parents Love i9 Sports?

"Emphasis on teamwork. I have really loved every coach my children have had as well! "

"The ease of having a practice and a game in the same day. The Program Director is a great communicator. And the energy of the whole program is very positive."

"The focus on development and good sportsmanship is a huge plus for i9. Additionally, the program focuses on positivity, which fosters excitement for the children."

"It helps my child to learn how to play basketball games i9 is the best "

"It's a great relaxed way to let my children have some exposure to sports without all the pressure that comes with organized sports teams."