Central Wilmington Flag Football

Roland-Grise Middle School

Program Director:  Jay Mechtly
Office:  910-667-2299
Weather Hotline:  910-350-8582
i9 Sports
4412 Lake Ave
Wilmington, NC   28403
Spring 2019 Programs
Flag Football
Flag Football League
3/17/19 5/5/19
Boys & Girls
Ages 6 - 12
About i9 Sports Programs at Roland-Grise Middle School:
i9 Sports Roland-Grise Middle School
Conveniently located in Central Wilmington, Roland-Grise is our primary venue for Winter Basketball and Cheer. Our basketball league is for boys and girls ages 5 to 14 and is focused on fun, instruction, good sportsmanship and healthy competition. The younger ages play cross court and then the oldest age group plays full court. The i9 Sports Cheer Program is synchronized with our i9 Sports Basketball Leagues. Participants will cheer on the teams and provide half-time entertainment during the games! The program is focused on teaching basic skills and having fun. It is 100% recreational, so everyone participates all of the time. There are no try-outs, no competitions, and no heavy travel is involved. Cheer teams will be taught by experienced cheerleading coordinators. In the summer Roland-Grise Middle school serves as our Wilmington site for all 5 of our sports Basketball, Cheer, flag football, soccer and T-Ball. Indoors we will have basketball and cheer. They are set up the same way as the winter basketball and cheer leagues. Outdoors we will have flag football, soccer and T-Ball. Our Flag Football leagues serve as a fun fast paced and safe alternative to tackle football. Players learn import football skills with a much lower risk of injury. i9 Sports is the leader in flag football in the Wilmington area. Our soccer program is for boys and girls ages 3-12. The age groups from 3 to 6 learn the skills of the game with 5 on 5 games that do not have a goalie. Starting at age 7 more strategy is introduced and goalies are added. Our baseball program is for ages 3 to 6. For the 3 to 4 age group they play T-Ball. For the 5 to 6 age group they play a modified coach pitch. The coach will pitch to them, but if they need the Tee to hit, then after a few tried at the pitch they will be given the tee. Our baseball/T-Ball program is a great place to learn the skills of the game in a low pressure fun filled environment.

Why Do Parents Love i9 Sports?

"We love everything about your program. The coaches are amazing. And the convenience of having a practice and a game on the same day is probably my favorite aspect of your program. This is our fourth season and will continue until he is too old."

"I like that the practices are right before the games. It makes it very convenient for our family. "

"The schedule is perfect for a busy family."

"Geared toward providing a positive experience with a focus on sportsmanship instead of just winning "

"I love the camaraderie between all the kids on the team. The coach is awesome and the parents really watch the games and show so much support!! It's really shown my son a great deal on how to act and be part of a team. I am so proud of him!"