Boise Basketball

Lake Hazel Middle School

Program Director:  League Office 325
Office:  208-561-2101
Weather Hotline:  208-991-9107
i9 Sports
11625 W La Grange
Boise, ID   83709
Winter 2019 Programs
Basketball League
1/12/19 2/23/19
Boys & Girls
Ages 4 - 13
Hurry, the registration deadline is in 3 days.
About i9 Sports Programs at Lake Hazel Middle School:
Off Five Mile in between Lake Hazel and Amity Road (South Boise)

Why Do Parents Love i9 Sports?

"The environment to have fun!"

"I have been so impressed with the coaching and how the coaches work with the kids. "

"The coaches and how well they treat my son. They are very patient and have helped my son so much especially with his confidence."

"You have wonderful coaches. All the players get to play and have equal play time, no matter their experience level. Thank you!"

"My kids and the parents love them. The gym at Ambrose clearly was nicer, more comfortable and warmer. It would be great if you had classes in NW Boise "