i9 Sports Office - North Broward, Coconut Creek and Coral Springs

Jeff Marsman - Program Director

8524 Shadow Ct.

Coral Springs, FL   33071

Office: 954-227-9955

Weather Hotline: 954-775-2311

Email: jmarsman@i9sports.com

Offering Baseball, Basketball, Flag Football, Soccer, Cheerleading and Multi Sport programs in North Broward, Coconut Creek and Coral Springs.

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A message from Program Director Jeff Marsman (Coral Springs, Parkland, Tamarac, Margate, and North Lauderdale)
What happens when the focus of a youth sports league is driven by youth motivations instead of adult motivations? What happens when a youth sport league puts the needs of a family ahead of the desires of the sport? What happens when youth sport leagues are run by professionals in the industry instead ... Read More
Coral Springs, Parkland, Tamarac, Margate, and North Lauderdale

"Non competitive allowing all kids to play. The league owner is very flexible and accommodating. The children have fun."

William L.  (August 2013)

"The dedicated staff members and the willingness to assist in making its coaches and clients experiences one of enjoyment. The non-competitive nature gives kids the the freedom to excell and flourish."

Dean S.  (August 2013)

"I9 promotes fellowship, family, fitness!"

Paul K.  (March 2014)

"I really love how everything is so positive and how everyone is so friendly to my child, my husband and I. My son is almost 4 and this is our forst foray into organized sports (he is playing soccer) and my son really enjoys going to his games and playing the sport. I don't know if he would have ... Read More

Dana G.  (May 2013)

"Convenient schedule and organization"

Susan Q.  (August 2013)