i9 Sports Office - Durham, Chapel Hill and Carrboro

Kathleen Seifert - Program Director

6409 Fayetteville Rd

Suite 120-332

Durham, NC   27713

Office: 919-425-2105

Weather Hotline: 919-424-1204

Email: kseifert@i9sports.com

Offering Flag Football, Cheerleading, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball and Multi Sport programs in Durham, Chapel Hill and Carrboro .

South Durham and South Orange Counties

"- The practice and play the match on the same day. - The fields where we play the matches. - Everything seems well organized; practice starts on time, always someone on the fields that knows what is going on, etc. - Positive attitude of our coaches."

John W.  (May 2013)

"It caters to the age of the players. The communications were consistent and kept us up to date with the weekly objectives."

Lisa O.  (August 2013)

"Our family loves the schedule! One day a week commitment is perfect for us!"

Amanda L.  (March 2013)

"The goal is for the kids to learn sportsmanship and have fun"

Erin B.  (March 2012)

"The fact that they take place on Sundays (we are Jewish, so Sat. is not an option for our family) and the limited time commitment each week."

Krisha M.  (November 2013)